Mountain Living

I come home from work and immediately change into a comfy sweater, leggings, and thick socks. I hang up my little backpack on the back of my new bedroom door and put my work clothes away. Let my hair fall loose and head to the living room. There I have relearned how to start a … More Mountain Living

Costa Rica…

  Well in theory I should be in San Francisco patiently awaiting to board my international flight to San Jose Costa Rica… Rather I am snuggled up in my old bed at my parents house in the mountains typing this entry. Say what?! Yup, I have passed up my trip to Costa Rica…gulp. It still … More Costa Rica…


Hello! Since I’ve been slaving away behind a bar and restaurant the past 10 weeks I have decided to start treating myself to some field trips rather than my vodka lime sodas (VLS). I went offroading at Litchfield National Park and now I just returned from a perfect adventure in Kakadu National Park. Now having … More Kakadu

A New Nest

Hello!  Well, Australia has let me back into their country and I’m now employed, living in a hostel, and exploring my new town.  Phew. I’m in Darwin and have been here a week now. I landed on the 30th at 6am, got a taxi to a hostel, did my RSA online, updated my CV, and … More A New Nest

Island bliss

I find writing to myself to be therapeutic. Where I used to just say what was on my mind, I now try to put them into words and reflect on what I was trying to say in the first place. In case I end up saying something I may regret. Not that I don’t make … More Island bliss